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stbookclub's Journal

Star Trek Book Club
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Star Trek Novels & Comics Book Club
Welcome to stbookclub your source for reading Star Trek books from all television series and movies.

Please be sure to read the rules before joining the comm or posting :)

Star Trek Book Club Staff: mojitochica

If you have a question that's not answered in this page, please email stbookclub@gmail.com or PM a mod.

  • Multiple book discussions are allowed. If you want to suggest a book be prepared to at least post the discussion posts for the book; ideally you should be participating in the discussion. If you need to bow out of posting duties find a replacement.

    To start a book discussion:
    1. Check the current reading schedule to see if your book is all ready listed.

    2. Post a poll to gauge interest.

    3. If you have at least three participants do a post to decide the reading schedule.

    4. Post the reading schedule. Remember to add the appropriate tag(s) to each post.

    5. PM mojitochica with the Title, Author, Start Date, End Date, # Chapter(s) per time period, so the Master Reading Schedule can be updated.

  • Books will be discussed in one post that will be created on the established day according to the reading schedule.

  • If you have all ready read a book currently being discussed, you still can participate but use the spoiler code, [span style="color:#666666;background-color:#666666">spoiler</span>, for spoilers. Replace [ with <.

  • Member lock any questionable material, and use the !mlock tag.

  • No character bashing, flaming, or personal attacks. We all love Star Trek books here, so let’s just have fun! Racist posts and/or comments of any kind will get you BANNED WITH A QUICKNESS. Your post/comment will be frozen with a mod note and highlighted as WHAT NOT TO DO. This is not the place to troll around.

  • Happy reading to all of you!
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